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Poker-Spy Hand Review

Review the action that occurred during the play of a hand with the Hand Review window. It's a great way to review how your opponents play their hands.

You can access the Hand Review Window in the following ways:

Click on the following areas to learn more:

  • Fields

The Player Report has the following fields:

Column Headings

Click on the Player Name to see the Hand Analysis Report for that player.

The top row provides you the following information for each player:

  • Seat Position
  • Player Name
  • Hole cards (if known)

Street/Round Rows (Pre Flop, Flop, Turn and River)

Loose/Tight rating for this player. See Poker-SpyGame Tracker for more information on this field

Lists the action that occurred on each street. Use the following legend:

  • SB #: Amount posted by the Small Blind where # is the amount posted
  • BB #: Amount posted by the Big Blind where # is the amount posted
  • Check: Player checked
  • Call #: Player called the amount indicated by #
  • Bet #: Player bet the amount indicated by #
  • Raise #: Player raised the amount indicated by #
  • Reraise #: Player reraised the amount indicated by #
  • Returned #: Player bet or raised $ dollars but everyone still in the hand folded. The amount indicated by # was returned to the player