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Poker-Spy Player Report

Poker-Spy’s™ Player Report allows you to compare how you are playing against the field of opponents. Use the information in this report to identify players with certain playing characteristics and to compare yourself against the field.

You can access the Hand Summary Report in the following ways:

  1. From the Poker-Spy Console Window, select View | Report Window from the menu.
  2. From within the Reports window, select Reports | Player Report from the menu.

Click on the following areas to learn more:

  • Settings
  • Fields

The Player Report can be customized from the following settings:

Ring Games

  • Limit games
  • No limit and pot limit


  • Limit tournaments
  • No limit and pot limit tournaments

Number of Hands

  • All: Lists all players for the selected game type
  • 25+: Filters the list to only include players that played 25 hands or more
  • 100+: Filters the list to only include players that played 100 hands or more

The Player Report has the following fields:


The name of the player

The Name field also serves as an indicator of players you want to play against, or players you want to avoid. Based on the information from the LT and PA fields, Poker-Spy will highlight the players as follows:

Green Highlight:

  • A player that is "Tight and Passive" or "Loose and Passive" are marked in green. "Tight and Passive" players are usually unimaginative which usually allows you to know where you stand against them.
  • "Loose and Passive" players play too many hands and when they show strength, they usually have a very good hand. These are the types of players you want to play against. Red Highlight: A Player that is "Tight and Aggressive" or "Loose and Aggressive" are marked in red.

Red Highlight:

  • "Tight and Aggressive" is the mark of a good player. This type of player will start with the best hands and use aggression to his advantage.
  • "Loose and Aggressive" players play too many hands and are very aggressive. Although these players are typically long term losers, they often go on wild winning and loosing streaks. They are difficult to play against because you rarely know where you stand in the hand. If you catch them on a winning night where the cards are running their way, it could seriously hurt your profits. Sometimes it is best to avoid these players altogether.